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Tailor Made Holidays

Tailor Made Holidays

An old Slovenian saying goes: “Hundred people make hundred different stories. And because we aim for all the stories to become fairy tales, you can make your own. Just let us know what kind of traveller you are and what are your preferences so we can tailor it to fit you perfectly.

Who of the following characters resembles the most to you?

Matija The Foodie
Matija The Foodie

True gourmet – I love delicious food and enjoy good wine. I’m eager to try new things, local food and explore new tastes. I like some activities but not too much. For me, holidays are relaxation and hedonism, I enjoy doing something fun but still want to have enough free time on my own.

To me, only fully booked holidays make sense. I wake up early and go for a walk or bike ride right away. During the day I prefer lighter quality meals so I can be active further on. I do not even shy away from experiences full of adrenaline and physical activity. I love nature, exploring new places and search for great views.

Active Nejc
Active Nejc
Matija & Nejc Just Wanna Have Fun
Matija & Nejc Just Wanna Have Fun

A little bit of both. We believe everything in life has to be balanced. We are by nature trusting and firmly believe that EM Tourism will organise our holidays to be fun and relaxing.

After you give us a hint we will accordingly combine your itinerary proposal out of the following activities:

  • Bike riding
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Wine tasting
  • Range shooting
  • Paragliding
  • Cultural experience
  • Culinary experience
  • Chocolatier visit
  • Museum visit

And you can always add more – it’s completely up to you!

Does this tour look like fun?



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