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Culinary Experiences

Culinary Experiences

Discover Europe’s currently most exciting culinary destination through our carefully made selection of restaurants and winemakers – not only the most recognizable, we have put hidden gems in as well 😉

Slovenian Cuisine

It is no coincidence that Slovenia is the European Region of Gastronomy of 2021.

Not only world’s famous food guides, but single foodie ever visiting Slovenia can recognize Slovenian traditional cuisine permeated with Italian, Hungarian and Balkan influences is something worth trying. Regularly.

One thing you can rest assured when visiting Slovenian restaurants is that most of the ingredients on your plate are grown locally in accordance with high standards of sustainable production.

The second important notice for you is that we – EM Tourism – are officially certificated Culinary Tour Operator by the World’s leading authority on food & beverage travel – World Food Travel Association.

Why is that an important feature? Because we are bound to Association and ourselves that no matter what culinary tour you take with us – from Gourmet Experience in Michelin star awarded restaurants to eating with locals on the Market – we guarantee a top experience.

Slovenian Wines

It goes without a doubt – Slovenian wines and winemakers are already among the best in Europe and still on the rise. Geographically situated next to Italy, Slovenia is often named being a second Tuscany.

Due to the differences in soil, climate, and cellaring methods you can find a wide range of wines for yourself regardless personal taste and preference. 

And how did we at EM Tourism approach assembling the most exciting wine tours for you? We asked our Sommelier (who is just about to become Master Sommelier) to pick out the best, most interesting, different and “out of the box” winemakers in Slovenia and bring them together in different varieties of wine tours – depending on regions, days etc. And that is exactly what he did. Simple, right? 😊

Now it is up to you – do you dare to be a trendsetter for something great, fresh and new?


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