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Royal Food Experience

Royal Food Experience

Slovenia is becoming a culinary destination of the future. Recently, world’s famous food guides Michelin and Gault Millaut recognized excellence of many Slovenian restaurants. We have selected the best in Dolenjska region and gathered them in one unforgettable experience!

Day 1

Key words: modern, upcoming, stylish

Welcomed and situated in the heart of Novo mesto, you will have enough time to prepare for the first of three pampering dinners. Hidden in the shelter of architecturally unique library, a carefully designed restaurant opens its doors and greets you with both style and cosiness. Young but experienced Chef Aco, one of the hottest culinary prospects around, is ready to do his magic! Relax and enjoy – your hotel is only a 2 minute walk away!

Star of the day: Gostilnica Jantar (after 6 p.m.)

Day 2

Key words: rural, BIO farming, traditional in modern disguise

No need to get up early. But if you are an early bird don’t worry – we’ve got it covered for you. Enjoy our freebies – E-bikes to wander around, coffee&sweets on the main square, town pass for museum, gallery etc. or simply go for a walk around. It’s your call. Our only recommendation is to be hungry late in the afternoon, when you are leaving town to enjoy the best rural food experience in Slovenia according to Gault Milllau guide. It’s needless to say anything more, their story speaks for itself!

Star of the day: Gostilna Repovž (after 5 p.m.)

Day 3

Key words: gong bath, Berryshka

It’s Day 3 and we know you need a relaxing experience. Feel good vibrations in an one hour gong bath and enjoy a bite (two, three …) of the best chocolates around! You are probably familiar with the saying »save the best for last« – and that is what we did. Masterchef Damjan Fink was for years the right hand of the 2019 declared Best Female Chef in the World. It goes without saying that his own restaurant is one of the best in Slovenia! And we have an unforeseen surprise for you. 😉

Star of the day: Hiša Fink (after 6 p.m.)

Day 4

Key words: welcome back

Not all goodbyes have to be sad – enjoy our freebies once more and plan your future visits to your newly discovered favourite travel destination!

P.S.: It would be impolite of us to let you go home without a little farewell gift. 🎁

Price: 599 €/person


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